Flight Add-Ons


Guest experience matters most because we believe that flying should be delightful. We want you to experience true comfort, undisrupted travels and be treated with great care by our air crew, ground crew as well as our guest services. Human for human, it’s that simple. After all, you’re the reason we fly.

See what my experience looks like

Soooo Spacious!

Our seats are built for all shapes and sizes, especially your long legs. It’s super comfortable, you’d also love the classy design that matches your minimalist style too. Also, ESG-checked!

Sit back and relax while our friendly cabin crew serve you our tasty kopitiam-inspired inflight meals. 

Trust that you’ll be flying the best in class. 

Reliable by choice.

Time is gold and for that we strive to fly you on-time, every minute counts and we take pride in that. 

Got a booking issue? Chat with our live agents, trust that they’re humans not chatbots. Your refunds will also be made to your original mode of payment.